Answers to frequently asked questions.

How would CrisisResponsePro help me in the event of an accident, lawsuit or some other crisis event?

CrisisResponsePro is designed for companies and organizations of all sizes, as well as lawyers and law firms, PR departments – anyone who is called upon to be on the frontline of crisis and litigation communications response. It helps streamline the communications process in all phases of crisis response, bringing the team together and giving them the tools they need to ensure a crisis event is carefully managed to minimize damage.

Does my IT department need to download and update software?

No. CrisisResponsePro is entirely cloud-based in secure, private servers, accessible via your desktop, tablet or mobile device. There’s no software to install and maintain, and no problems or conflicts with your existing software systems.

How does it work?

It’s simple. When a crisis hits, you open a new Virtual WorkRoom on CrisisResponsePro, assemble the crisis response team via email and text notification… and get to work. Collaborate with team members in the Virtual WorkRoom. Research what other companies have said in similar situations using our comprehensive Public Statement Database. Download the templates you need using StatementReady™, our proprietary template system. Upload finished statements to the Virtual WorkRoom’s Document Vault for quick and efficient review.

Who can see the information in my Virtual WorkRooms?

Just you and those you invite into your Virtual WorkRoom. Usually this will be members of your crisis response team that were notified when you pressed the “New Crisis/Matter” button (although you can always add additional crisis team members later). This may include business executives, internal public relations and investor relations executives, your internal legal department, lawyers at outside law firms and external PR/crisis management consultants. Who you invite is totally up to you, and no one else can see your information – this includes CrisisResponsePro administrators or support staff (unless we're invited in).

Is CrisisResponsePro secure?

Yes. In partnership with Summitas, a developer of groundbreaking portals for the financial community, CrisisResponsePro delivers effective crisis communication with the highest level of security. Your data is encrypted - in transit and at rest - in secure, private servers in a federally regulated facility. CrisisResponsePro features NSA-level, 256-bit, two-way encryption; password protection and digital signatures for all documents; secure, encrypted confidential messaging; two-factor authentication; and daily backup to multiple server locations with bank-level security protocols.

What about Attorney-Client privilege and work product issues?

Your WorkRooms are private, confidential and secure. No one outside of your designated team can access the your Virtual WorkRooms. Therefore, attorney-client privilege and work product issues are no different than in other comparable situations where technology is bringing a team together in privileged and confidential circumstance. In addition, each WorkRoom is designated as subject to relevant Attorney Client Privilege and Work Product protections.

How much does it cost?

CrisisResponsePro billing is simple and based on your use of the product. You are billed based on the number of Virtual WorkRooms open each month and the number of Users with access to the site. There is no long-term contract or commitment required. You can close any WorkRoom at any time (with all your confidential materials returned), and add users at the click of a button.

Does CrisisResponsePro work on mobile?

Yes, the collaboration and content sections of the portal work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well desktop and laptop computers. You can alert the team, create a Virtual WorkRoom and collaborate anywhere, anytime! You can also view materials in your Virtual WorkRoom's DocVault on both PCs and mobile devices (documents can only be uploaded and downloaded for editing on Java-enabled computers).

Does this mean I no longer need an outside public relations specialist for my problem?

We always recommend you seek experienced public relations advice for complex crisis matters. CrisisResponsePro is a starting point. For more routine events, your internal PR and legal team can use content and collaboration that CrisisResponsePro provides. For more complex crises, outside specialists will be needed for their breadth of knowledge and depth of experience. Add them to your Virtual WorkRoom just as you would internal members of your team. In either case, CrisisResponsePro provides the platform to gather your crisis team together, and the tools and resources for effective and efficient response.